Greenhouse Fun for CSA

This weekend we were able to move our plant starts into the greenhouse, with the help of a few extra layers. Proeun designed a great frame for our tables in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is much larger than anything we have used in the past and last year we struggled to heat it. This year we are starting plants earlier then before. So we are working on a system to save a bit of money by using extra plastic to make a smaller space to heat.

It wasn’t easy but we had lots of help and in the end lots of fun. Oh the benefits of working with children, especially when they come up with just the right solution we adults couldn’t see. Anyway the plants are now in the greehouse and I almost have room in my sewing room/studio (currently the germination room) to work again.

Effie finding ways to keep herself entertained while we prepare the plastic to go over the frame.

Two helping keep baby Pray satisfied while we work.

Sorry for the long absence from the blog. Our sick kitty is doing so much better it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. Now I am ready to focus on our CSA and the fun of a changing season.

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