Mother Earth Fest

This last weekend we had a great opportunity to attend the 1st annual Mother Earth Fest on the West Side of St. Paul. As Proeun said, “they really know how to throw a party, that was the best party I have ever been to.” We had a booth for our farm. The plan was that we would all stay together in the morning and Proeun and I would take turns walking around with the children, but they loved it so much they didn’t want to leave. So we reworked our schedule, saved errands and chores for another day and had a great day hanging out with the children, sharing our farm story and celebrating diverse communities coming together to say they care about what happens in our neighborhoods and to earth our home.

Proeun and I in a rare moment together at the booth with the children acting as photographers. We had matching shirts made at Great Ideas in town which was by the way a great idea. Everyone knew the children belonged with us and if they wandered off it was easy to pick them out of a crowd.

Avril getting her groove on in one of the dance classes. I even joined her for the fun of it.

Petting zoo.

Spoon making demonstration.

The kids learning about casting and fishing limits. It was a great time.