A trip to the Midwife

I was talking with another homebirthing mom friend of mine. She was talking about how she was switching from disposable feminine pads to cloth. She said, “I already cloth diaper my children it just seems to make sense,” then she went on to admit that she felt she was really turning into something–“a crunchy hippie.” No matter what you think about hippies personally the term is normally either very negative, as in anti-conformist threat to society, or positve, in touch with the earth, then there is everything in between. The homebirth, homeschool movement used to be the realm of the fringe cultures now according to the home birth consultant at the Minnesota Department of Health they are getting 20 requests for birth certificates from homebirths a week. My midwife says the numbers for homebirths in Minnesota are up to 5%.

This afternoon I had a prenatal appointment. For those of you who don’t have any idea how an appointment like this would go let me explain (it will probably vary by midwife). I go to my midwife’s, Jane Kirby, home downtown. She normally has tea ready and a play area for the children just to the side of where we meet. Her apprentice, Tracy LaPointe, is always there with a hug and a cheerful expression. We sit down and get comfortable and talk about how things are going. Not necessarily just with the pregnancy or medically but she wants to know if I am doing too much, am i eating enough, am I happy with my life or are there things I am stressing about? And so on. It’s a very calm, relaxing experience. The children come with and enjoy playing.

Or having a snack.

When it gets time to measure the tummy and listen to the heartbeat they love being involved.

Sometimes the girls hold the lifesize models of growing babies. 

Jane our midwife checking the heartbeat.

Our appointments are normally about an hour then with hugs all around it is home again until next month, though soon I will be meeting with them more often. They are always available for questions and if I want to meet more often.

I have a lot of respect for moms who have homebirths with their first babies. I think most of us try the traditional route first before seeking alternatives. I have been so pleased with this alternative I could never imagine going back.