More Projects in the Northwoods

It has been nearly 6 weeks since we have last escaped the city for a little R and R in the country and believe me it is so rejuvenating. Though this trip had lots of projects getting ready for Proeun and my in-laws favorite time of the year–hunting. Now when I met Proeun I was not enthused to find myself in love with a hunter to be quite honest. But since then I have come to see the great ecological and family benefits or such traditions especially when combined with gathering activities.

We are still working on identifying plants and learning to gather. I brought my Peterson’s Guide to Herbs and Medicinal Plants plants with me to start working on being aware of the plants around me. I guess I should have bought the mushroom guide as well. 

Honestly I would have walked right over this if my mom hadn’t pointed it out. I need to work on awareness that’s for sure.

This is my favorite picture of the weekend, our little caravan of women and children, “guarded” by the dogs as we hike out to see the progress the men were making on THE big project–a new tree stand for Proeun.

Here Proeun and 2 of his brothers are attaching the legs to the foundation–buckets filled with cement. Junior, the oldest of the next generation is securing them with bolts in the lower right hand corner.

Next the ladder, floors and frame go up.

And the roof. The walls had to wait for another trip. It’s not easy building a tree stand in the middle of the woods with no access to electricity.

Proeun designed the tree stand himself. Today he only half jokingly said, “I can build anything,” I said, “yes you can” not joking at all.