Best Friends

Good, solid friends are such a grounding force in a life. I am so fortunate to have Jenelle, my best friend since 3rd grade, when we started attending school together, before that we had weekly meetings at Sabbath School but it wasn’t until school came around that we really bonded.

Proeun has several, one from 3rd grade and a couple from a bit later. But when friends are there that you keep your whole life it grounds the individual. The need for companionship and understanding is met and so┬áthere is less need for things like “popularity” which means very little anyway.

This week Jenelle was in town visiting her parents, she has since moved away with her husband. The visit was extra special as it was an opportunity for me to meet Emma for the first time. Life stages are important and it is so nice when a good friend joins you. Emma is awaiting siblings but had a good time borrowing my 3 children and Avril got lots of practice in with a baby sister. Though Emma wasn’t always sure what to do with the attention. Avril is a slight 32 pounds and Emma over 20 so we were a little nervous with the holding and carrying. Oh well.

You know you have a good friend when you can sit and talk for hours about nothing in particular. Also it is not so important to clean your house. Late last night we set the time for the visit as this morning. I was tired and looking at my house thinking what should I clean first, then I remembered, this is Jenelle, she’ll understand.