A new Family Bed

We have been a co-sleeping family from the very beggining. Well the 2nd night after our oldest son was born. He spent his first night in intensive care due to a slightly premature birth. Everything worked out OK and by the 2nd night he was with us. I remember I just wanted to touch him. I couldn’t sleep if he was awake and I couldn’t sleep if he was asleep so I brought him into the hospital bed with me and had him sleep on my chest. I remember feeling like I had to hide it from the nurses.

Our next 2 children were born at home so the family bed was an easy transition. I remember how pleasant and easy it was to add a new member to our family and how easily they fit into our lifestyle.

Our bed is getting a little crowded though.  With baby number 4 on the way we began looking for options. In our 2 bedroom house with 3 soon to be 4 children of both sexes we decided on bunk beds with a twin up and double down. The day we picked it up was very exciting for the children.

Avril and Mavis really enjoyed building their bed.

Mavis helps Avril put on the finishing touches. Avril took her job very seriously. Two kept himself aloof until the top mattress went on. During the day the top mattress is a definite favorite.

Unless mommy is sharing the bed.

Honestly I am not too enthused about the sleeping situation, nothing new for us of course, but I love our old bed. We did invest a little more in the bottom mattress though knowing that me and my pregnant belly would probably be sharing it with the children. Eventually we realize that mommy can not sleep next to everyone. Avril and Two were planning on sharing the top, mommy, daddy and Mavis on the bottom but alas the “boy” sheets are on the top and “girl” on the bottom so you know how it goes. Proeun gets the old family bed to himself, unless I can sneak away during the night. Though one night I tried that and one by one they all came back in. So for now I guess this is the sleeping arrangement. Two is very proud that he sleeps on the top on by himself, but not so proud to turn down Avril or Mavis is they ask to sleep with him.