Our First Nature Study–Rabbits

I was reading in Charlotte Mason Companion about the importance and fun of doing nature studies. Knowing how into animals the children are I knew this would be an important component of our homeschool.


But with nearly 2 feet of snow on the ground I wasn’t sure what we could do. Plus we have a 7 week old that shouldn’t be out much in the cold weather. So for our first nature study I wanted to stay in the backyard. I knew from years past that we have alot of rabbits around. Plus one of the children’s favorite books is Bucky by Harry Baerg. It’s the story of a jack rabbit and beautfully illustrated. It’s out of print now but I still have the copy my grandma gave me for my birthday back in 1987 recently rebound by my mother.

So we read Bucky and went outside to see what we could find.


First we had to shovel our way to the backyard.

Avril was hoping for some sledding also but with Effie in a sling under my coat and snow up to Mavis’ chest I decided we wouldn’t venture too far into the snow pack.

We did find some poo in a “form” near the chicken coop.

But the real find was a little farther away. I had to zoom in to the get this one and only Two could see it other then me.

Later we drew rabbits for our nature book. Next week if the weather cooperates we will head to the near by nature center for some (indoor) play with animal tracks. Not too bad for our first one though.

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