Spring Means Baby Goats

I was reading on Facebook how if we are able to be under quarantine in a warm house with a well stocked fridge and pantry, plus plenty of books and TV options we really should be thankful.

This morning I was standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes. A bluejay flew by. Our cats were playing and running in the backyard, ducks were swimming in every little puddle, chickens were scratching and baby goats are in the barn. So I am feeling extra extra blessed. Here are some pictures of our cuteness to bless you.

Faline 2, one of last year’s babies, going to her forever home this morning as a birthday gift for a very sweet 16 year old.
Avril convinced me she would like to start her own goat farm. Here is Willow, her first goat.
This one is a trouble maker, always getting places she shouldn’t be, Mavis is her designated rescuer.
Catching up with mom.
We have fainting and Nigerian dwarf goats. I love the variety of colors. These ones are twins.

One thought on “Spring Means Baby Goats

  1. crazyboyfarm Post author

    In about 7 weeks some of them will be ready to go. We try to keep them with their mom for a minimum of 8 weeks.


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