Monthly Archives: June 2017


Things have been pretty quiet around here, except for the planning and expectation of our first family vacation—ever! As some of ¬†you know we took a sabbatical from vegetable farming this year. When we started farming back in 2008 we assumed things would settle down eventually. But after 9 years we realized we would have to take the time. So we planned Proeun’s dream vacation–a road trip to Yellowstone.

It was great, the kids loved it and we made it through 9 days in very close quarters together. Here are some pictures from our recent trip.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Elk that wandered into our campground.

One of the 4 young male bison that lived at our campground.

Picnic at Mount Washburn.

We try to convey our family ideals no matter what we are doing, even on vacation! Things live family togetherness, an active, healthy lifestyle and care for the environment are things we value. But being in Yellowstone, was a surreal experience. I only wish I had more time for reflection. I brought my journal, but honestly it was a kind of rushed trip, so reflection is something I am working on now.