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Book Review

Our book Home School Farm was recently reviewed (see below) by the Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I am super excited about it. Whenever you write something you don’t know if what you intend to convey will actually be accurately received by the reader, but after reading the review I realized I did achieve my goals. It is a coincidence that the review came out at the same time as the physical copies of our book (previously it had only been available through electronic download). You can pick up copies of our book on our website or through our etsy shop.

Product Reviews

A New Addition + First Duluth Trip

This spring Unnah joined our family. Unfortunately we also had a subtraction in our family, when we lost Proeun’s brother in a sudden and tragic accident. Long story short it has been a crazy busy spring with a ton of conflicting emotions.

Finally last weekend we decided we needed to get out of the everyday craziness that had become our life and get away to one of our favorite spots–Duluth and the North Shore. We didn’t end up going very far up the north shore. In the morning we had chores, we a couple extras, like iron shots and iodine for a new litter of baby pigs and deworming goats–craziness I tell you. So we got a late start. But it doesn’t matter where in Duluth I go, I have a feeling when I am there that I don’t have anywhere else– a feeling of being absorbed by beauty and that beauty invites me to release pressure and just be.

It was just what we needed. Here are some pictures of our trip, I think everyone agreed it was a great start to a new year. We hope to have many more adventures this year.

This was a new area of Duluth for us–Park Point. Most of the shore is very rocky, but this man made beach was great. We especially loved the grasses.


Time for a little fishing.

Some of us weren’t so patient.

The whole family.