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Weekending-fencing, Shepherd’s Harvest, Baby Goats!

Early this spring I was at the parent’s group for our homeschool co-op. We are talking about weekends and schedules and Mondays, etc. I realized then how vastly different my life is from the one I expected to live. I wistfully told Proeun that evening, “I remember when we used to think, ‘What should be do this weekend?'” We don’t think that anymore. Honestly I don’t think I would want to go back to that all the time, maybe just once a year or something.

Anyway, even though we had plenty to do this weekend we had a pretty awesome weekend and we get to do it together so that makes it even more fun. Here is a quite snap shot of the fun we are having around here.


Saturday morning we woke up to these cuties. They were still wet at the time and we had the opportunity to dry them off and get them under a heat lamp. They are twin does, such cuties. Their mother is Miracle, the goat that survived being born on the coldest night of the year and later lived in our house for awhile.


The weather is wonderful and it is actually fun to be outside. Avril made her little sister a crown to celebrate spring.


We were blessed beyond belief to be one of the recipients of the Lakewinds Organic Field Fund grants this year. This grant will allow us to set up permanent, high quality fencing for our animals. It will give them much more space and allow us to utilize our land for rotational grazing and hay production. So nearly every morning and weekend we are working on fencing. Here is the main corral for the cattle.


Me and Lith relaxing while we wait for the men to bring back another load of wood.


Crazy Boy himself all grown up and proud of his work. He is really loving the farm and taking ownership of it.


Crazy Boy Part 2 aka Pray helping clear trash out of the woods. Unfortunately we had a few unpleasant discoveries but it wasn’t too bad. Lucky to have such a big helper.


This spring these little ladies joined the farm. They are Lincoln Longwool sheep. Avril will take a couple of them to the fair this year and she hopes to have a sheep business one day. This week we will be working on fencing for them. The main area is already finished for the hogs and cattle.


Proeun working hard with the auger setting posts. The children making the trees wave.


The highlight of the weekend was the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo. This is the first place we found out about Lincoln Longwools. We went probably 6 years ago, when farming was just a dream. We have been trying to get back there ever since but it seems like every year something happens. This year was no different, but we weren’t going to let a dead battery stop us. Here Pray holds a little Lincoln/leicester mix lamb.


Avril was in awe of the whole experience. The first time around she wasn’t really interested in it, but now she wanted to see and try everything and learn more about her own sheep. Here she learns how to use a drop spindle.

So even though our weekends are full, they are also full of joy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.