Monthly Archives: April 2016

Self Care for Farmers

Oh my, it has been a long time since I have written. But I read an interested post on facebook lately about, “the myth of self care” by Bruce Thao. It was geared towards those working in non-profits but totally applies to moms and farmers and mom/farmers. It talked about working 12 hour days (as a mom more like 24 hours) and then going home cooking dinner and taking care of everyone else before you feel like you can take care of yourself. Thao went on to say that this idea of everyone first produces some harmful “self help strategies,” like binge eating late at night and drinking a bottle of wine all by yourself. While I don’t drink, hello, binge eating, yep been there.

It has been a super busy month with the weather warming, the projects have been increasing. We have all those babies to take care of, planting for our CSA, and replacing a roof, not to mention finishing up a school year, household chores, etc.

I have been dragging alot lately, my hair is more gray and I am feeling the extra baby weight. But I realized these are all signs I am not taking care of myself. So I have been working on that. This afternoon we had a girls day in the kitchen,  beauty treatments were our projects.

For some reason my pictures are not working but we used this book. It is my absolute favorite. Most of the ingredients are easy to find, most are real food items. I get alot of my other items at brambleberry. Of course my interests have changed with my age. Projects I wanted to work on were, greek cold cream, super eye cream, gentle eye makeup remover and jojoba cuticle oil.

The girls had their own ideas. Avril wanted the Olive oil shampoo. Mavis wanted the beauty queen face mask: that was a cool recipe based on her grandmother from the 1920s. Effie wanted to make lip gloss.

I have plans for a facial and mini manicure but that will have to wait till after a meeting tonight. Still working at the schedule a bit, but now I realize that if I am able to make time for myself throughout our busiest part of the year then I will be much happier. It might also give me the energy I need to work on my book. Yep I said book. More details coming soon.