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Basketball Season

There is an ongoing joke in Minnesota that our 4 seasons are winter, winter, winter, road construction. Here on Crazy Boy Farm there are also 4 seasons, farming, farming, farming, basketball (and still farming). We are in the heart of basketball season. Our 3 oldest children are in local basketball traveling teams and Proeun and I coach the girls (mostly Proeun, I handle communication).

Basketball was never my thing, actually competitive sports really aren’t my thing. I was that girl that was always picked last and the team would complain if I was on their team. So I have had alot of growing to do to prepare myself for children in competitive sports. But I still watch closely to make sure everyone is having fun and no one is feeling left out. Anyway.

I have mentioned before my fondness for The Yummy Mummy. In her book she writes

“To raise physically and emotionally healthy kids, require them to play sports. My grandmother competed in field hockey and swim meets and believes sports are key in building character. My parents followed suit and made sports compulsory in my life and I’m so glad they did. Sports are very important not only to ingrain a healthy active lifestyle, but to teach life lessons about how to interact with others, work as a team, and even deal with losing. Participating in after school sports means that kids are busy with healthy activities instead of getting into trouble.” ~ Marina Delio (The Yummy Mummy)

As a team we had our share of losing but when I was ready to quite, Proeun reminded me that the children need some adversity and the victory will be sweeter after a struggle.

The did come in 2nd on their 2nd tournament. And last night the girls got to go to Junior Tiger Night at the high school and hang out with the varsity team before, during and after the game. They had their names announced with the starting line up, got to sit on the bench and go to the locker room with the girls. They are very excited to be Tigers.


Warming up.


During the National Anthem.


The girls both agreed that when they announced their names that was the best part and they got to run through the “tunnel” giving and getting high fives.


The Rush City Tigers.

Giving is the Goal

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
I have been thinking alot about this lately. It is so easy to get stuck in life’s busyness and forget what is really important. I am trying to make my morning meditation a focus on what I must do to become the person I am meant to be and how to help my children achieve that goal as well. But I realize that part of that goal means looking beyond my every day circumstances and sharing with those who have need. 
One of the things we thought would help in our goals of being more generous is committing to give a portion of our income to those in need. So we will donate 20% of all CSA sales from now through February 15 to the non-profit of your choice. Yes that is correct, you sign up for the 2016 CSA and we make a 20% donation to the nonprofit of your choice. For more information on our CSA go to 
If you need suggestions for organization here are 2 of my favorites–The Minnesota Food Association. This organization runs a low cost farmer training program and is how we got our start. Their help was invaluable and they are certified organic! Their website is
Babies Need Boxes–Based on the Finnish model where every baby receives a box of supplies this Minnesota non-profit is trying to recreate the boxes for low-income, young and vulnerable moms in Minnesota. You can find out more about them at Home

Deep Freeze

We have been so spoiled around here. We have had such a mild winter. But now we are in the mild of a deep freeze. Yesterday when we went out to do chores it was a balmly -10. Yes that was the actual temperature. By the time we finished chores it was up to -5. But still not fun.

Luckily the animals all have nice full coats. They actually do better when the temperature is consistent. So huge swings are harder on them then deep cold. But still we are all looking forward to Thursday when the temperatures begin climbing above zero.

In the mean time we have been sticking very close to home and checking the animals often. Many we can see from the windows of our house. They all have a really nice layer of dry bedding to lie down in and are getting extra feed to make sure they have the energy they need to maintain body temperature.

And it has been a great lesson for all of us. When we would rather stay inside we have to force ourselves out there to care for the animals that depend on us. I think the children are finally figuring out that feed=heat and when it has been a long cold night the animals need feed to get heated up and they need it right away even if you don’t feel like it.


The first sign of trouble–frost on the window.


2nd sign of trouble.



I have frost on my hair too!


The pigs coming out of their burrow in the hay. I would say I can’t wait till spring but then mud season begins. I guess there is no pleasing me.

Sledding fun

Sometime every winter Proeun and I have the discussion that I am sure most Minnesotans are familiar with–should we stay in the frigid north or head somewhere sunnier. Since moving to Crazy Boy Farm we have definitely had that discussion less. While we are not proficient at the winter sports yet we are slowly building our repertoire.

This winter there hasn’t been much snow. And the one thing we are lacking here on the farm is a hill. The first winter first snow we realized “uh oh, no place to go sledding!” Last year Proeun tried using the tractor to pile up snow. That worked pretty good but this year there hasn’t been enough snow to even do that. Luckily we have a big pile of wood chips left over from this falls clearing project. And voila, sledding hill. The children have been out almost every day and for them a day is not complete until they have sledded. Now we need a little more snow.

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