Monthly Archives: August 2014

August on the Farm

I really really love this time of year (though I do hope that this winter will be a bit more mild then last). But I love the cool crisp mornings, the expectation for school and a new rhythm to the day and I love that the days are still warm enough to really enjoy that last bit of summer. This month has been really good to us as our weekend schedules and family duties cleared up a bit so we could spend even more time where we really love being.


The crab apple tree has been a center of family life this month. The children, especially the youngest 2, really love being able to easily pick their own fruit and enjoy the taste–a bit like nature’s sourpatch! Proeun was telling me that yesterday when I was away from the farm and he was playing with the children Effie (4) and Pray (2) walked over to the tree and picked some apples then sat under the tree talking and playing. Later they went to a clear spot in the yard and lay down eating apples and watching the clouds. I wish I could have captured that moment on film but it is a picture I love to imagine and hope they will remember. That is exactly why we moved here.


I love flowers but don’t have time to garden them so I love it when they surprise us. Like these flowers from our Asian pea tips.


Recently a neighbor stopped by and asked if we wanted turkeys. One of their females had hatched these out plus more and they were getting overrun. We got 2 males and 2 females. Right now we are enclosing them so they get used to their new home but soon they will be able to enjoy the great outdoors. Not sure what breed they are but they were free, and they are pretty fun. I love the noise they make.


Our pigs are growing nicely. This is a the feeder we bought this spring. They are really funny too. We are hoping to make animals a bigger part of our farm as I really love caring for them. Though sometimes they outsmart me like this last week when they grabbed the door to their pen with their mouth and lifted it off the hinges while I was grocery shopping. The children had to help me track them down and herd them in. They are becoming expert trackers and herders. So that is some of the fun stuff happening around here this month.

Chores in Style

I remember reading the Laura Ingall’s Wilder series and other books about Pioneer life and reading about “chores” and not really knowing what that meant–now I do, believe me. All the animals need water, some need grain and some need hay, some need both. There are stalls and pens to clean, in the spring and early summer there is the greenhouse to water and manage, all fun mind you, but still chores. And each season has its necessary uniform. In winter I would love to get a pair of insulated overalls but for the most part it is long johns, an old pair of army pants and work jacket. Then in the spring and fall the pants without the long johns and a work sweater. But now it is warm enough that none of those options are comfortable and I am getting tired of washing all my clothes everytime I do chores (twice a day).

So I had a piece of linen that wasn’t really my color and a cool apron pattern from Heather Ross that I wanted to try. I did have to lengthen the sides a bit but it was a quick sew and now I can do chores in my best farm girl style without getting “stuff” on my clothes every times.




So much better.