Monthly Archives: November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been ages since I posted but one of the things that we are learning about farm life is the work literally never ends. So if we do not consciously take time for family and relaxation it doesn’t happen. Even though we have been farming for 5 years we are still working on our schedule and living seasonally. So November and December are our much needed breaks from farm life. Of course there are chores that still need to be done and quite a bit of dreaming happens, we also prioritize family time. Here are some pictures I snapped last weekend to give you a taste of what we have been up to. 

Compost bins Proeun designed and built after going to the State Fair.
A donkey named Jack joined our farm family–yes the same name as the dog. We didn’t feel it would be fair to rename one so we have 2 Jacks now, both characters.
The barn is stocked with hay for the winter and is currently one of the children’s favorite places to play.
Avril has been practicing reading and now loves to read to her little sisters. I am such a book worm so this does my momma’s heart good.
Although the weather has turned there are still some warm days perfect for playing outside. The children are still enjoying the playhouse we built this spring.
So as you can see that we have a whole lot to be thankful for. We started going around the table at breakfast asking what the children were thankful for. All of them said for their family and the love they have except for Effie who is thankful for her “mommy T-rex.” I am thankful for children that “get” what we are trying to do. And for the privilege of sharing my life with my soul mate and for the journey and the people and animals that make our life great and so much more. And yes if you are reading this blog I am thankful for you.