Monthly Archives: October 2013

The season ends

Last week we made our last delivery for the season. It is always a weird feeling when we get to this point. For four months our schedule has been pretty “regular” you could say with cycles of harvesting, washing, packing and delivering. Before that there was the planting, set up projects and scrambling to get everything ready. But now there is just peace. One farmer friend I know said “the good thing about farming in California is that you can farm all year. The bad thing about farming in California is that you can farm all year.”

So now we are moving into new territory for us. For the past several years our falls have been pretty busy. Our last 3 children were born in the fall. Then there was the big move a few years ago. But now we are relatively settled. No babies are expected and the farming is done for the season. Our season will not be one of idleness but rather relaxation.

To kick off this new season we went to Ely, Minnesota, on the borders of the Boundary Waters for a little family getaway to recharge and remind ourselves we are moving to a new season.

Canoeing was a hit. At first the older ones weren’t sure if they would like it but they were pros by the end of the trip.

Bear Head Lake in the morning.

Fishing was a big part of the weekend though we didn’t catch much.

Two kissing the one catch of the weekend.

I have never been in the presence of beavers. I did see an otter but no live beavers, plenty of evidence though. We thought it would be funny to get a picture of our little beaver next to a beaver tree. Note I haven’t had time to knit him his own woolens, so he is borrowing his sisters for the trip. He probably will be made one day. All in all though it was a pretty great trip. On the way home we ran into snow and arrived home to 2 inches on our deck! Talk about a change of seasons.