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About Farm: CSA season begins

This week has been a very fulfilling week on the farm. We made the decision to delay the start of our CSA season one week and it has really paid off. With the warm weather, rain and sun our plants and family are really thriving. It is always a wonderful feeling when we are able to start eating out of our field again. So For today’s post I thought I would let you know some of the good things happening around here.

So proud of this field and my wonderful  husband who picked out the seeds, planted and tends it daily.

While we loved free ranging our chickens the fox problem was getting out of hand. We simply cannot afford to lose 1 or 2 chickens a day. So we decided to compromise and fence them. They are not quite so happy but at least they are not getting eaten and they are a lot easier to manage.

Had a surprise little bonus in the goat barn. I thought this little guy’s mother hadn’t been bred but then one day I noticed her utter just starting to get big and that night this little guy was here.

Our little garden outside the cooler. The previous owners had planted it and I am still learning what they all are. Plans are underway to expand to an herb and cutting flower garden next year.

Looking back over the first half of the year I am so happy with how things are going. Each year we have less and less large set up projects and it is easier to jump right in to the farming. Next week we begin CSA deliveries. So excited. And we almost sold out, just 2 shares left if you know anyone.


It seems like with farming it’s a lot of “hurry up and wait.” So we have been hurrying, hurrying, hurrying to get things planted, mulch laid and weeds out. Now we are waiting. We have had to delay the start of our CSA for one week due to weather.

Then last night there was a storm. One of those storms that make even us adults nervous. You sit in darkness and think how deep it is and they all of a sudden the sky lights up and you see the trees waving furiously and you worry about the animals and the greenhouse and then finally you sleep. Then this morning

Strawberries! They had been green all last week but the heat and humidity and I am guessing something in the storm signaled growth. Makes me think about storms a bit different.

Finally the first taste of summer.


We had a great time at the open house yesterday. Of course our family was sporting our Crazy Boy Farm shirts. We had them made earlier this year for some of our festivals. They are great for corralling children in crowded halls! I wasn’t expecting though that there would be so much interest in them. Now we have gotten lots of requests for shirts and are putting together an order. We have them printed right here in Rush City and Proeun did the design.

So if you are interested in your own shirt for $15, email or message us the sizes you would like. We hope to get the order together in the next week or so. Thank-you for all your support and interest!