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Open House and Goats

I just love this picture and thought it fitted well with the announcement of our 2013 open house on Sunday June, 2.

When: June 2, 2013 2:00-6:00pm

Where: Crazy Boy Farm

53100 Fairfield Ave.

Rush City, MN 55069

What: We would love to share our farm with you. Come visit where your food comes from. Bring a snack to share, tour the farm, visit the animals, visit with like minded folks, participate in a special scavenger hunt and enjoy a day in the country.

Also pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in attending or joining our CSA. We do still have some CSA shares left.

I have also launched our goat page. We are selling some of this year’s babies so if you are interested or just like cute pictures of goats stop by.


After what has literally been a 6 month winter it is so great to get out there and see green. Even better that soon some awesome food will be coming from our fields, (luckily we already have eggs which are awesome with the green added to our chickens diet). We did have some asparagus come up but it got frosted out, hopefully more will be coming.

Anyway here are some pictures of the green just bursting with life.

Strawberries–probably shouldn’t have led with this but I am so excited! They survived. Maybe we will have strawberries the first week. I hope so. So tired of frozen berries.

Trays and trays of goodness waiting to go the field. We have started planting finally. Can’t wait for these greens and onions. We had a storm yesterday and it was amazing how all that energy in the atmosphere translated to plant growth.

In addition to awesome weather we are blessed with awesome neighbors and friends. This aged manure is from our neighbors donkeys. It is so old it is basically dirt again and will do wonders for our field. We are so excited to see lots of earth worms in the soil again. Last year believe it or not we had hardly any. But with a winter in cover crop and the addition of organic matter and a big ole welcome sign saying “Welcome earthworms!” (not really) they have made themselves right at home. Translates to more green.

Some great new friends who have owned their land since 1944 just gave us this disk since they didn’t need it anymore. We have 2 tractors so this will really help. We plan to go no till but there are still instances where we need to break the soil. Just more help. Things are coming together nicely.

Pictures from Up Cafe

Well the warm weather came a few days too late for the grand opening of Up Cafe. But still we had a great event.

See what you missed? Great great food. I ate way to much and know where my Monday lunches will be coming from during the CSA delivery season.

It was more then just food though.

Flamenco dancer.

Up Cafe uses Joel’s pottery for their service. All are also available for purchase. At the opening Joel demonstrated his craft.

Woodshop, a great local band, just happens to be made up entirely of employees of Upper Midwest Gourmet.

I spoke with David Chall, owner of Upper Midwest Gourmet and Up Cafe. He is passionate about his work. He has owned Upper Midwest Gourmet for 20 years and started right out of college. He opened the Fine Grind in St. Paul and later 128 Cafe. He shared that he actually wanted to be a jeweler but his budget allowed him to open a coffee shop. “For our final project [in school] we had to write a business plan. One of the girls wanted to do a coffee shop so I had a business plan for a coffee shop and $17,000.

He recalled when Chai Tea hit the U.S. market in 1996 and no one knew what it was or how to pronouce it. He said that the cafe was a great testing ground for new products. And so his new offering, Up Cafe is continuing the tradition. In the back warehouse coffee roasters roast amazing fair trade coffees. Allen one of the roasters told me, fair trade is about making sure that the appropriate people get paid a liveable wage. “we pay a premium. . .we pay more to make sure they get paid.” While fair trade is an idea it is also a brand, that requires the farms to pay for certification.  “We care more about closeness,” Allen said, “when we are close to the farm and know what they do we know that some small farms may not be able to afford it [certification].”

So now Up Cafe is a great way to promote an idea of great food and sustainability. It is also an opportunity for other small cafes and coffee shops to learn how to make great sustainable food for their customers to enjoy.

Up Cafe Grand Opening

I promised more information about some of our dropsite hosts that just happen to be great businesses supporting our community. Up Cafe contacted us earlier this about being a dropsite host. They are passionate about great food and flavors plus partnering with growers including their fair trade coffee. We stopped by to visit this spring and had a great time getting a tour, smelling coffee beans roasting and tasting yummy food. This Friday, May 3rd they are having their Grand Opening Celebration with lots more good food and fun.

Here’s the invite.

We will have live music (flamenco band and our very own Eric and Pat’s band, Woodshop), free food and drinks (café drinks from UP Café and HammerHeart beer), and a bunch of our vendors (Crazy Boy Farm, Autumnwood Farm, Extraction Coffee Company, Fabbri, Cherrico Pottery, and more) with booths selling and giving stuff away to celebrate the Grand Opening of UP Café. It will also be a release party for one of Flamenco Organic Coffee Company’s newest offerings.

Friday, May 3rd 10-4:00
Up Cafe
1901 Traffic St. NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Please RSVP to

We’ll be there joining in the celebrations. Stop by and say hello, did I mention Free Food that is oh so so yummy.