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2013 CSA season begins

Wow, I am blown away with how blessed we are. Today, December 31st marks an important landmark for our family, for this day one year ago we were moving from our home in St. Paul to our dream in Rush City. In some ways it is really hard to believe that we are actually here living our dream and in others it seems like we were always meant to be here.

Today as we did the chores I looked at our goats and chickens and black lab “puppy” Jack who is now a little over a year old, none of them were here last year, but we have all come together to make a home, farm and family, wow, what joy!

None of this would have been possible without our CSA members, some have been supporting our CSA since it began, talk about dedication! Old or new friends though you all play an integral part of Crazy Boy Farm and we wanted to take a moment to thank-you.

Now as the new year begins we are launching our new season. The talk of plans and additions to our CSA have been going on for several months already and we have already had some shares coming in, what a great way to start the new year. I have updated the information on our CSA page. Thank-you so much for your support and supporting local agriculture–us or any farm. It supports a great way of life for a family, thriving communities across the country and the kind of food we were all meant to eat. 2013 will bring great things.

Homemade Christmas 2012

Have I mentioned how much I love a homemade Christmas? In all honestly as a child I had my list of gifts I wanted and would pass them out to relatives. There were few handmade things on the list. But now as an adult I fully realize that I have everything I need and love to see what my family and friends have made. I also love making things for my family and picking out just the right project. This year was a little more difficult since I was honestly absorbed in other things until early December, but it is a great way to get in the Christmas mood.

Here are some of the projects we worked on. For my dad felted clogs, leaf coasters for my sister and a mini quilt for my mom. I purchased the kit at out local quilt shop. The clogs and coasters I had made before and got requests for more. That is always fun.

For the girls I made doll slings so they can carry their babies just like I carry mine. The pattern is from Handmade Home by Soule Mama. The scarves are from one of my aunts who always has the coolest handmade gifts. Thanks Auntie Janice. Auntie Patty also has great gifts and I love her food gifts. For the men in my family they all got my smokehouse almonds from last year and the ladies got some scented epsom salts. I discovered the wonders of epsom salts while recovering from Pray’s birth this year and found a super easy recipe if you want to try it here it is.

Scented Epsom Salts

1 cup epsom salts for every 1 tsp of essential oil.

Stir, stir, stir.

Super easy huh? I made a batch of lavender and a batch of grapefruit/tangerine.

But still the best gift of all according to the children is also coincidentally homemade.

According to Avril baby Pray Grant is “so much better then a baby doll!” But daddy told them not to try and put him in their slings. Hope you had a great Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all us Doeuns. After a busy day hosting Christmas (a bit early due to everyone’s schedule it was a bit hard to get everyone to stand still and smile, but we did our best. Hope all of you have a wonderful, blessed and meaningful holiday season!

Winter Wonderland

I’m back and I am living in a winter wonderland. Predictions this year were for continued drought. But last weekend we had the most snow in a single storm for over 2 years. Flurries are expected today and another larger storm next weekend.

It’s easy to get in the Christmas mood when your backyard looks like this. Hard to believe at the end of the year we will have lived in this wonderful place for a year. Proeun was at the barn as it was snowing and said it looked like Narnia out there.

I sadly have not been able to enjoy the outdoors yet–still healing up from an early Christmas present, the birth of our 5th child and 2nd son–Pray Grant.

Daddy is very happy with the new addition.

As is big brother Two who asks first thing every morning to hold him. I snapped this picture last night, I hope they will remain close and this picture will be one they cherish when they get older.

I am on strict orders to rest for 40 days. Luckily it is the elving season and I can knit while reclining and nursing. It is so fun to see piles of yarn turn into projects and gifts. Also have some sewing projects lined up for in a week or so when I can move around the house more. More on finished projects after the holidays.

Proeun and the children set up the Christmas tree this weekend. We didn’t even set up a tree last year because we were busy packing and moving. There is a local nursery were you can “pick your own tree.” We wanted to do that this year, but it can always wait till next year. I especially love the star on top. We haven’t had a topper yet and always planned to get one after the holidays when those things are cheaper but never did. So Proeun planned and made a star for the top. I love that man!