Monthly Archives: May 2012

24 hours of rain

Well the good news is that we won’t have to water our plants for probably a month, and we did get all the seeds and transplants in the ground we wanted to (hopefully some of the seeds didn’t wash away though!). Also good is the fact that 24 hours of rain gave me time to get some much needed housework and relaxation done and it’s still continuing, for though the rain has stopped it is still way too soggy to even think of working in the fields let alone walking through the fields. Even the greenhouse is pretty soggy and I have made a few ruts just walking.

So I guess there is no bad news. Like the song says, around here, “rain is a good thing.” I am noticing I am now able to tell the subtle changes in temperature and the look of the clouds that mean a front is coming in. I also like the work of settling all the children, animals and equipment in for a good long rain. Yes rain is pretty fun, especially when we are making good headway through our list of projects before the season starts a short month away.

Catching Up

Oh my what a week! Sorry I have been so behind on blogging. It has been quite busy and eventful around here what with finishing up building projects, planting and trying to fend off foxes that have now discovered our chickens. Oh well, the life of a farmer. I did want to check in and give you some glimpses of life here on Crazy Boy Farm.

Plants getting ready to go out to the field. Proeun designed and built the tables, aren’t they great?

Thanks to the sellers for leaving this beautiful garden.

Shadrach, one of the wild cats that just showed up one day and that has become part of the family chilling in the crabapple tree.

Effie getting into her “chores” she loves giving the baby goats their bottles. We have to watch her as she gets bored and wonders off but I love how she is embracing this life already. She will grow up on the farm, an awesome thought.

Chickens in the Woods

We are just coming off a long weekend. Proeun has to request days off far in advance and our intention was to get alot of work done, then it rained all week. So as life goes we are repriortizing and replanning. One task that we had scheduled was finishing the chicken tractor (mobile chicken house) in the field. Our chickens haven’t been out much yet and they were so ready. But we got rained out and one storm blew the roof off the tractor, more replanning. So now the chickens are free ranging in the woods around their winter home. We will eventually move them to the field as we also wanted their fertilizer but it is really fun to watch them roaming around the woods. We our having to train our black lab puppy that though these are birds they are not to be hunted or played with, even when they run. We’ll get, there, I know we will. I do love the entertainment of watching them though.

The first night we went out to close them in and ended up having to chase them in. The next night we waited until almost dark and they had gone in by themselves–way easier and so much fun.