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Thanksgiving plus CSA

I know I hoped that Proeun would be able to post about his recent 3 generation hunting trip. But something very very exciting has happened and I need to turn my attention to that. So I will be taking the next 2 weeks or so off from blogging to complete all the required details. Check back December 5th for our big announcement.

In the meantime we are working out the details for next year’s CSA. We have already had a couple people ask to buy shares–talk about planning ahead. So I will be working out the details. December 5th share sales will open as well for next season. We are planning to expand and add a couple more dropsites and maybe a different drop day. If you are interested in being a dropsite please drop us a line. Prices will stay the same. Thanks for all your support. Be back soon and Happy Thanksgiving!

Back to “work”

I don’t know if I have shared with you yet but we are a hunting family. Honestly I was not pro-hunting before marrying Proeun and it was almost a deal breaker for me. But I listened to the arguments, about keeping populations in check, environmental stewardship and family. So this last week was the annual hunting trip. This year Two accompanied Proeun for the first time, and due to circumstances got to have his dad, uncles and one set of grandparents all to himself. I have asked Proeun to write a recap of the week so maybe he will be able to write it for Friday.

So today I ponder different things in the life of the Doeun family. Now that the vacation is over and we are officially back to “work” what does that mean for us? Work looks alot different for us than most families as it centers around the home. So it is fitting that getting back to work would be a return home. But it also feels alot different, there is a joy in it and a deep sense of privilege, both for the circumstances that have led us to this place and the decisions and convictions.

Last Friday I was off on a free-lance writing assignment. For those of you who don’t know I write for Hmong Times part time and no Proeun is not Hmong. It has been one of those unique circumstances that is an incredible story that allows me to be home 90% of the time. Anyway I was talking with a dear friend and fellow writer who had just had a baby. We were discussing mothering and the topic of work came up. She works in academics and while she enjoys her work felt she needed some additional challenges.

Right then an there I felt a deep sense of thankfulness wash over for me. See I always feel “challenged.” Whether I always feel good about it is a different story. Part of my work is the work of educating my children I could write volumes about the intricacies of our journey but let’s just say my work will always be challenging and that is something I should be thankful for.

So as I spend the day doing laundry, getting the house back in order, cooking meals and trying to explain again why today we do school and no we can’t wait just one more day I am thankful for the opportunity to challenge myself and the children at our home in this amazing life we are called to.

P.S. sorry no pictures today–too busy working.

Happy Veteran’s Day

I grew up immersed in the stories of the “greatest generation.” The stories are truly amazing, I could write a blog just on that alone. I have a sense that Two also has a budding interest in history and those who have gone before, for I truly believe that we must never forget, “or we will be destined to repeat.” And so for today I wanted to give a brief list of those people, many passed on who have affected me and the way I look at the world–

Richard Huspek
Robert Kruger
Donald Larsen
Howard Froberg
Vera Peterson

Thank-you for sharing your story with me, and for all the stories that go untold!

Sew Sew Weekend Part 2

It was a succesful weekend. I am so thankful for my parents for all their help taking care of the girls and helping me with my sewing project. You know how it is for us busy mommas sometimes you just can’t fit a shower in the day and finding clothes that fit in that difficult time right after having a baby is awful. Then there is comfort, style and modesty to consider as your nursing baby insists on eating right now. Anyway it is all to easy to just fall into a routine of self sacrifice and lets face it frumpiness and disarray.

Well I have had enough. So this weekend I began work on my new wardrobe. I had bought the fabric last May but then farming season started and well now it begins. Thanks to my mother’s expert help, my dad’s time with the children, my mother’s serger and The Backwoods Mama sew camp I am well on my way to some new and decent clothing, that is comfortable and functional for us busy moms

Two knit tops, a utility smock and knit pants I just happen to be wearing as I type. I still have some hemming to do but I wanted to get as much done with the serger (special sewing machine for finishing edges and sewing knit fabrics) as I could. I was planning on giving you a fashion show, but I realized I have no one to take pictures of me right at the moment so here you go.

One thing I loved about Backwoods Mama’s patterns are the ability to change it up. The turquoise top I made almost exactly to her pattern though I added a bit wider hem band. The purple one I made much longer and roomier for a more tunic like look and to wear over my new leggings I just purchased. The utility smock is missing the pockets since I didn’t have quite enough fabric for the pockets, but I have 2 more in the works.

It was so much fun working on these projects. In high school I was billed, “most unique dresser” but it is hard to stay on top of a wardrobe when you have so many to care for. Now I am getting back into the groove. For simplicity I picked 4 colors to be my base colors–turquoise, purple, pink and grey. So anytime I add something to my wardrobe I want it to be one of these colors or coordinate. This will save money and time without a lot of excess mismatched clothes and shoes. A note on cost: fabric can be expensive however the quality is often much better then cheaper store bought clothes and you can customize with items you can wear many different ways.

Sew Sew Weekend Planned

Proeun and Two will be away deer hunting this weekend. While I have a few special things planned for the girls I am even more excited about all the sewing I plan to do while the men (grown and budding) are away. We will take vacation from school and I know my parents have some things planned and my mom, master sewer that she is, is going to help me and I a “sew” excited (sorry for the pun, couldn’t help myself).

I bought a bunch of fabric last spring before the farming season and except for one pair of pants it is still sitting. Finally I am going to work on it. So I am blogging a bit early so that tomorrow I can begin the fun. I’ll have some pictures Monday. Promise.