A New Addition

While at the Farming Conference on Friday Avril leaned up against me and then said, “I don’t want to crush the baby.”

“What baby?” I said.

“The baby in your tummy.”

“What do you mean the baby in my tummy.” At this point I was having symptoms but an early pregnancy test came back negative so I fully expected to receive confirmation that I was not pregnant any day.

“I know you’re pregnant” she said with her confident side look.

I wasn’t so sure. After our 3rd child which was an unexpected surprise our whole philosophy of family planning changed. After seeing the amazing little being that we would have missed out on if we had our way we decided that there may be more children that are supposed to come into this world through us. We decided to allow the Lord to bless us as He will.

So while it was certainly possible we were pregnant and we would like to be pregnant I didn’t think I was. But on Sunday we decided to take one more test (our 3rd) and it came back positive. Avril was right! She is now predicting that it is a boy and Two is really hoping she is right.

My husband’s brother and his wife are also expecting a new addition. This one is particularly exciting for the family because due to medical problems after their 2nd child she was advised not to have any more children. They took precautions which they reversed last October, without telling any of us in case it didn’t work. They are now overjoyed to have this opportunity again. And the cousins will be very close in age. She is 8 weeks and I am 5 weeks.

When we found out about the new cousin Two joyfully told his dad, “I have a new friend–Romeo’s little brother or sister. That’s great news!” When he found out he was going to have a new addition to his own family he told his grandpa, “My little brother is coming.” Apparently he is not leaving room for the possibiltiy of another sister.

By the end of this year my in-laws will have a grand total of 11 grandchildren. Luckily our addition  will come after the growing season. We couldn’t have planned it better.

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