Personalized Towels

Every year for Christmas my sister gives the children handmade, personlized gifts. This year it was big, fluffy bath towels with their name embroidered on it. The kids love having their very own towels and as parents it makes it much easier to have the name right one it so as not to mix them up.

We had been using the towels for a couple weeks. I grabbed Avril’s towel, held it out for her and was waiting for her to get out of bath. That was when she looked at me and said, “Mommy you have to turn me upside down.” I looked confused so she pointed at the towel and said “it’s upside down.” I looked down and sure enough she was right.

I was honestly a little baffled as to how she figured that out and over the next couple of days I tested her. She was right every time. Then I let it go for awhile and last night decided to try again. I deliberately turned it upside down to see if she noticed. I wasn’t disappointed.

Our approach to homeschooling has been more of an unschooling approach. Instead of traditional class work, we work to enrich our family life and learning opportunities in day to day life. I try to read to the children several times every day. I also try to nurture their natural interest which is probably why Two knows what deer tracks and bald eagle nests look like and how to spot animals in the wild. Some days I am better then others. The past couple of weeks have been crazy and i feel like I really need to get back on the ball, and then they remind me that they are learning always.

Still the children constantly surprise me, whether it is recognizing not only letters but if they are upside down or questioning my philosophy on life (you laugh but it happens).

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