The Census has arrived

After nearly a year and a half of hype the 2010 Census arrived at our house today. This is my first census with a family and house of my own. Last time around my parents were one of the “lucky” ones who received the long form–this has been done away with this time around.

The Census gave me an opportunity to review my past 10 years. Over the past 10 years things have changed a lot. Not only have I become a wife and mother but I have become intimately aware of the complexities of race in Minnesota and our nation. For instance minority communities really need to be counted but often resist for fear of unscrupulous government tactics. Many of these ideas come from their countries of origin where the government was not an entity to be trusted.

For the past year and a half I have been working in the minority press to try and get the word out. Now that the Census is finally here I wonder if all our efforts will pan out.

Even for mainstream Americans filling out the Census ensures representation in government. Our House of Representatives is based on population and my state is not the only one who risks loosing a seat.

The slogan for the Census is “10 questions, 10 minutes” for me it took less then that even with 5 people in our household. I urge everyone to fill it out and if possible think back 10 years ago and what has changed.

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