Strawberries in the backyard

One of the hardest things about farming on rented land is having to maintain two properties. I love being home and long for days that we can just be in our own home. I can’t wait until our farm and home are in the same place! For the past couple weeks the only time we have all been home together is at night and when it is raining. Last year we tried growing things in our backyard but decided it was too hard to maintain both.

However we still have strawberries we planted several years ago. It is only about 7 plants but enough to get a taste. Normally we have to compete with the rabbits. So seeing alot of rabbits around I haven’t even been looking for strawberries. In the meantime our weeds have been coming up and the yard is growing. Finally last night Proeun came home from work and mowed at 9:00 just to get something done. It is supposed to start raining this afternoon and through the weekend so we had to get something done. That is when he discovered a wealth of strawberries. It was dark already so it was picking strawberries by flashlight.

Here’s the children eating their stash.

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