Charlotte Mason’s “Mother Culture”

Several months ago I ordered A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola from our local library. It took several weeks, even a couple months to get it and though I tried to read as fast as I could I wasn’t able to finish it before my 3 weeks was up. So I ordered it from Amazon and have been reading it ever since. I am going on 2 months now but it is such a great book giving so many tips on homeschooling.

Basically the book is rewritten by Andreola and features Charlotte Mason’s ideas in modern english. Charlotte Mason lived in the late 1800s, early 1900s and it is so amazing to see how many of her ideas are applicable today.

Lately I read the chapter on “Mother Culture.” While I like all the ideas about homeschooling I loved this chapter and felt like I found what I was missing. See it is so easy to get wrapped up in tasks and duties and not continue life long education in my own life. This chapter says that it is absolutely essential for the mother to continue growing and learning for a successful homeschool. Another woman ahead of her time, Ellen White, said in paraphrase, “like plants, if you are not growing you’re dying.”

Mason and Andreola recommend at least 10-30 minutes a day of outside reading for the mother and that she have 3 books going at once, a hard one, an easy one and a novel. In addition to reading mother field trips, listening to music and stimulating conversation all work to revive the mother and Andreola says adamantly that by taking some time for yourself to better yourself your children will think better of you.

A fresh wind of change will revive you when you participate in Mother Culture. Some may say, “I simply have not time for myself.” Others, “I don’t think it is right to think of myself.” Such mothers are stuck in a rut of self-sacrifice to the extent that they are starving themselves spiritually, mentally and consequently, emotionally. Their children grow up with that “oh it’s only mother,” tone in their voice. Some children will eventually carry the attitude that they know more than mother on all points. But this can be altered. . . “  pg. 344.

I am beginning to make a conscious effort to follow this program. It is not easy to change your ways especially when time is such a premium. But I am seeing some good change. I will keep you posted on progress. I recommend the whole book heartily.

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