Lifestyle Medicine

One concept that kept coming up at the workshop on Natural Remedies and health that I went to last weekend was “Lifestyle medicine.” I suppose you could call it preventative medicine but more then vitamins and exercise it incorporates all aspects of life. Based on a balance of 8 key principles or ingredients in the recipe for a healthy lifestyle–ideal diet, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, rest and trust in Divine Power–if followed closely can assure much health.

Some key things that I brought away from the workshop was that even the way we dress can effect health. Clothes that are too tight or restriciting on our stomach can affect digestion and not keeping our extremities warm enough can cause chills and other illnesses.

Rest likewise is very important. Sophia Lauren one of the Hollywood’s great beauties from the last generation defied common culture and proclaimed that her top 2 beauty secrets were going to bed at a decent time every night and drinking plenty of water.

I guess intuitively it just makes sense that we would need all these things to balance our life and therefore our health. It is such a privilege and joy to be able to take the time to slow down and heal as naturally as possible, but even better is taking the time to be healthy from the beginning.

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