Greenhouse progress

So with homeschooling, raising and nurturing 4 darling blessings, and getting the farming season up and running I am realizing that my posting days will have to be Mondays and Fridays. So for today’s posts I wanted to share with you how things in our greenhouse are progressing. Last year was our first year starting all our own transplants and I have to admit I was quite a bit nervous. Somehow I worried that the seeds would actually come up, but nature is so amazing and even with our inexperience the seeds did just fine doing what they do naturally–growing.

This year it is almost “old hat” in that I don’t worry but it is still so so amazing the way things work. That is what I really love about farming.

Last year I bought a really interesting volumn called, Seed Babies. I didn’t time it quite right with actually growing seeds so I put it away and promptly forgot about it. Luckily I did find it and can now use it while teaching the children about this everyday miracle.

Onions are one of the first things planted, first up and first in the ground. We are just now finishing the onions we grew last year.

Many plants have these rounded almost clover looking leaves when they first emerge. You can just see these collards first “true” leaves coming out in the center.

Mostly  I love seeing the green. Even though we have a pretty small greenhouse it is a welcome escape especially on these cold, drizzily days.

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