Whole lot of planting

The past couple of weeks have been full of planting, a very very fun time of the year. It’s like you are finally seeing the summer grow right before you eyes after a really really long winter. This year it took an even longer time to warm up then normal but now the planting is almost complete. With our first CSA day coming at the end of the month I thought it would be a good time to show you some of the around farm activities.

We start all our own transplants so we can make sure we have good quality, certified organic starts. Here are some onions and broccoli and cauliflower from a planting earlier this spring. Plus our Earthway seeder which we use for direct seed crops (things you put the seeds right in the ground) like radishes, carrots and beets.

Here is a digging stick Proeun’s father made us after a tool one of the Hmong farmers let us use. It works great for digging small holes. Here Proeun is planting sweet corn. We soak the seeds over night to give them a good start.

Here are our strawberry plants. They come as bare roots and here you see the plants just starting to emerge. Time to get them in the ground.

Here’s what they look like planted with just the shoot starting to emerge. We bought Seascape strawberries which are an ever bearing variety suitable for temperate climates. We hope they will be producing about mid August.

The planting is almost done, soon I will have to update you with pictures. Our transplants are starting to take off, now the fun really begins.

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