Quilt Lessons

I made my first and only quilt up till now at age 11. It was pretty simple, pastel squares tied with black thread and trimmed with a black border. I am honestly not sure whatever happened to it. While I had only made one I loved the beauty of my handmade bedspread.

Now as we are setting up house keeping on our farm it seems so natural to include as many handmade items as possible. We luckily have a quilt shop in town. One day I stopped by to ask for recommendations on an easy quilting pattern. I bought one, went home and got started. Now I am hooked.

Since we had 2 sets of bunk beds in the house I have 2 sets of matching quilts I am working on. I am so excited my first top is completed.

My mom and grandma have agreed to come up and help me set up the quilting frame soon for a quilting party.

Avril is really digging the sewing too. She helped me quite alot on the first quilt but since I was using a pattern with set seam allowances (that were pretty small) I decided it best to design a simpler quilt for the other bedroom. More on that later. This one is Avril’s quilt and she has done virtually all the sewing on it. She is even learning how to thread the needle and wind the bobbin. This is strictly hush hush but I think another sewing machine may be joining the family this Christmas.

Not only has quilting been going on at our home but some fabric dying as well. Not able to find the color I wanted for the backing fabric for the quilt above I bought some plain white muslin and dyed it. I love it, the girls thought it was pretty cool to.

I even have time to work on a few projects. I have been waiting for weeks to get this book from the library. I had gotten it years ago and remembered that it had a pillow pattern that I loved in it. So since I am only going to have it for 3 weeks I thought it best to jump right in on my “basketweave pillow.” I am using fabric left over from the curtains I wrote about here and the pillow will dress up our masterbedroom.

I have about 3-4 years worth of projects I want to do but I just keep plugging away. Luckily I have lots of interested helpers.

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